Learning strategy is much more than just learning. It is a return-on-investment calculator for executives, a performance improvement strategy for managers, a career growth plan for learners, and a playbook of how to accomplish all of these for the L&D Team.

Working with Infopro Learning to create a learning strategy can be an intensive 8-week process, a 3-hours lightning decision jam, or anything in-between. Regardless of the strategy we embark upon, you will walk away with everything you need to transform your people and your business.

Assess Current
Human Capital Requirements

01. Business Strategy Discovery

Review existing business strategy to achieve the business vision as it relates to learning requirements. The strategy addresses goals, priorities, focus areas and budget projections.

02. Documenting Learning Strategy

Map the identified business objectives within specific business units to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are required to be developed. Many organizations have several opportunities for employee growth but budget projections play a key role in identifying areas that will result in the highest ROI.

Align Opportunities for
Improvement with Business Strategies

01. Business Case

Work pragmatically to prepare detailed business cases for human capital transformation, with ROI estimates and investment-realized timelines.

02. Governance Model

Form a steering committee, design action plans, internal communications and governance measures to create cohesiveness.

03. Leadership Alignment

Increase the success of L&D initiatives by onboarding and aligning key business leaders with the process and impart related objectives.

Develop a
Plan for Execution

01. Annual Performance Learning Plan

Work with the Learning Executive Steering Committee (combination of L&D and business executives) and individual business units to document specific learning programs to be developed and plans its delivery keeping in mind cost constraints, if any.

02. Performance Learning Blueprints

Once the learning programs have been outlined in the Annual Performance Plan, these are translated into detailed course requirements with the help of subject matter experts for the business units and project stakeholder.

Business Benefits

Infopro Learning's turn-key strategy solutions are the best way to ensure your next learning program is successful.

Client Success

Comprehensive Learning Journey for a Global Manufacturing Company

We developed a framework for distributor and direct sales teams using the REAL sales model, relevant for all roles to address challenges, and a periodical map to improvise sales skills.

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